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Now that you've watched the full video above, you have the information you need to set-up an Umrah company.


However setting up a very successful and highly profitable Umrah company is a different ball game altogether.


Thankfully our paid course "The Umrah Set-Up 2.0" does just that! (See all the details below if you don't believe us!)


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We're Abubakr & Imran

After our first Umrah With The Mandem trip we realised this was a powerful mechanism for Da'wah! Not only that but also a lucrative industry from which one can make a LOT of money.

We've done over 10 trips in total and each and every single one of them sold out with over 120 pilgrims on our most recent one.

We've also helped set-up over 30 other tour operator umrah companies from scratch and assisted many others you see around today.

Now we use what we've learned to help people just like you set up, develop & grow their own tour operator umrah companies.


What Our Previous Students Have To Say About The Umrah Set-Up Paid Course:


These documentaries are from some of the companies we helped to set-up!

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

What's Included In The Umrah Set-Up...



In this module you'll discover the secrets to crafting a unique Umrah journey that’s tailored to a specific audience. Uncover how to identify and cater to distinct preferences and needs, ensuring your trip stands out amidst the competition and resonates deeply with attendees.



Master the art of creating irresistible Umrah packages that are brimming with value. Learn techniques to design offerings that not only meet but exceed attendees’ expectations, making it impossible for them to look away.



Delve into the intricate process of planning and executing a flawless Umrah journey. Get hands-on with effective strategies to streamline logistics, ensuring a seamless, enriching, and memorable experience for every attendee.



Uncover marketing gems that amplify your reach even without an existing social media presence. Explore innovative, yet untapped channels and tactics that not only boost your visibility but ensure your Umrah trips are always fully booked.



Embark on a journey that extends beyond the trip. Learn how to deliver awe-inspiring Umrah experiences that resonate with attendees long-term, fostering enduring connections, and turning one-time attendees into lifelong supporters.

You Will ALSO Get The Following For FREE When You Sign Up!

Go Viral On Social Media & Make Crazy Money -Valued at £6,500

Go from 500 views to 1.3 Million in a month! We’ve done this for several brothers already and now with this master class we are going to show the brothers on the Umrah Setup how to do the same, AGAIN!

Our decade of expertise in engaging the Muslim social media space is now your guide. Whether for da’wah, charity, or business, every post can spark change.

The World’s Premier Network for Unmatched Umrah Set-Up Support - Valued at £5,000

Engage 24/7 with our active & responsive telegram community and enjoy swift interactions. Immerse in rich exchanges within our buzzing member group. Also gain access to connect with 'Umrah Industry Leaders' on our additional elite Telegram group once you have done the work required to launch your first trip.

The Ultimate "Sales From Scratch Formula" - Valued at £2,000

Master outbound lead generation with our specialized masterclass tailored for those without a strong social media footprint. Utilize effective templates for cold outreach, and harness the capabilities of Chat GPT for AI-driven script prompts, crafting messages that captivate and compel your audience to take action.

Overcome Sales Struggles with Imran and Abu Bakr - Valued At £2,250

With our emergency blueprint, setbacks transform into setups for successes. Even if you're on the brink of feeling your trip won't sell out, our seasoned strategies promise to turn the tide. Lean on Imran and Abubakr's expertise, maximize your outreach, and watch as seats fill up and your trip becomes the talk of the town! Your sell-out success story is just around the corner!

This Podcast Masterclass - Valued At £3,000

Receive our ultimate podcast starter pack. Dive deep into the art of masterful podcasting, discovering tried ands tested structures, diverse topics, and creating a captivating vibe. Leverage expert AI tools for impactful reels, superior sound quality, and dynamic camera angles.

100 Niches Umrah Ideas to Make Your Company Stand Out From The Competition - Valued At £2000

Access a curated list of 100 unique niche ideas designed to distinguish your Umrah company in a competitive market. Coupled with this, we craft a resonating logo that embodies your distinctiveness, guide you in selecting a name that's impactful and memorable, and design posters that seamlessly blend artistry with strategy, ensuring maximum engagement and attention from your audience.

The Attractive Character Blueprint: Get Your Customers To Chase You! - Valued At £1,500

Essential strategies for entrepreneurs and marketers to develop a compelling online persona. This approach is crucial for building a strong connection with audiences through personal storytelling and branding. It enhances marketing effectiveness, develops customer loyalty, and drives business growth by making communications more authentic and relatable.

That's over £22,000 worth of value we are giving to you...FOR FREE!

*Please note, this guarantee is contingent on your active participation and adherence to our advice. If you choose not to listen to our guidance or engage in the necessary work, then unfortunately, you would not qualify for this guarantee. We believe in partnership and mutual effort to achieve success!

You ALSO Get The Following!

Operation Six Figures

Our highly sought after module from our 313 Real Men course is included for free when you purchase The UmrahSetUp 2.0!

No this is not a get rich quick scheme, it isn't Amazon FBA, Forex trading or some multi level marketing scheme!

Rather in this operation we will teach good old fashioned business techniques. We will work on developing your skills as an entrepreneur.

You'll learn how to come up with a ground breaking business idea, and then how to monetise it through some of the most lucrative marketing strategies (even if you have zero experience in marketing).

A base target for all of our members is an annual six figure income!

For some it sounds tough, but don’t worry we have the blueprint alhamdulillah. 

(BTW we had so much content for this we actually had to make it 2 separate webinars with over 6 hours of content in total!)

A Muslims Relationship With Wealth

Our highly sought after module from our Talk Money course is included for free when you purchase The Umrah Set-Up!

Here we aim to eradicate the common misconception that money is in and within of itself something evil and bad and in order to be pious you have to completely drop all financial aspirations when you start practicing.

Rather we will blow your mind with evidences and examples from the Quran and Sunnah to show you the opposite!

This is extremely important as your mindset towards wealth can be the deciding factor on whether your business is a success or not! (After the Qadr of Allah of course!)

The Brothers Club Network

When you sign up for The Umrah Set-Up you will get access to our telegram groups where you can find like-minded brothers, potential business partners/opportunities etc