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Truth be told…Being able to make THOUSANDS of £££ at a time is not impossible.

Once I learnt the Golden Rules Of Persuasion, my financial situation changed for the better

All of a sudden, with Allah's permission, I was able to:

✔️ Comfortably Provide For My Family

✔️ Have Freedom Over My Working Schedule

✔️ Not Need To Work A 9-5 Job

✔️ Move To The UAE

✔️ Travel The World

✔️ Give Dawah To The Youth

✔️ Seeking Knowledge From The Scholars

✔️ Focus On My Deen With My Free Time Which Led My Imaan to Increase

In other words...I was able to do EVERYTHING I wanted to alhamdulillah.

(say Allahumma Baarik)

Now For The First Time Ever...

Myself (Imran Ibn Mansur) and Abubakr are going to teach you the cutting edge, proven to work persuasion techniques so that in shaa Allah you can become financially independent for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  

After spending THOUSANDS of pounds on some of the best sales & marketing courses, I can assure you of one thing…

Talk Money is one of the ONLY courses you will ever need to influence people to buy from you in shaa Allah.

What Are The FOUR KEYWORDS Which Made Me Money Fast?

Before I give away my secret to big money, there is something you should know about me…

I knew I didn’t want to get a 9-5 as I had high aspirations wanting to seek knowledge and give da'wah.

I wasn’t about to let a job tie me down from my dreams…

So, I created my own business.

Don't get me wrong, I struggled a lot at first…

But early on in my business career, I learnt the FOUR KEYWORDS which made me first £20k+ in two weeks. I was only 24 at the time…

The four secret words nobody really talks about are “HOW TO INFLUENCE SALES!”

So alhamdulillah I dedicated myself to learning the art of influence and persuasion and it paid off!

The proof is in the works!

These are simple and basic strategies of influence that can be applied to:

✔️ Negotiations

✔️ Sales Calls

✔️ Marketing Campaigns

✔️ Social Media Strategy

✔️ Email Broadcasts

And even outside of business in area such as:

✔️ Marriage

✔️ Personal Relationships

✔️ Da’wah

✔️ And so much more!


How Will Talk Money Change Your Life?

If you are stuck in that 9-5 trap…

If you are struggling to make sales…

If you don’t know what it takes to generate income fast…

If you aren't confident enough to increase your prices...

You Are in the Right Place At The Right Time!

Our 6 lesson bootcamp will change the way you view the world.  

After the course, we GUARANTEE you will have learnt:

👉🏽 How to persuade others to buy from you.

👉🏽 How to become extremely confident in negotiations.

👉🏽 How to sell a product or service at a higher price.

👉🏽 Develop a skill that can make you six figures with ease.


How We Literally Talked Ourselves Into Making £20,000 In One Hour!

Talk Money Now!

What makes us qualified to teach this?


Abubakr and I have established several successful businesses and projects over recent years which include:

☑️ Sunnah Match

☑️ Five Star Umrah

☑️ The Knowledge College

☑️ The Brothers Club

☑️ Akhi Autos

And much more…

These projects have thousands of users alhamdulillah and they have become household names amongst many in the muslim community.

How Much Money Have Our Businesses Generated?

Instead of you just taking our word for it, why don’t we show you…

The following are all examples from LAST YEAR of different revenue streams that we have earned:

Course Content:


You Will Also Get The Following For FREE:

The Brothers Club Network

When you sign up for Talk Money you will get access to our discord server and telegram groups where you can find like-minded brothers, potential business partners/opportunities etc

Operation Six Figures

Our highly sought after module from our 313 Real Men course is included for free when you purchase Talk Money!

No this is not a get rich quick scheme, it isn't Amazon FBA, Forex trading or some multi level marketing scheme!

Rather in this operation we will teach good old fashioned business techniques. We will work on developing your skills as an entrepreneur.

You'll learn how to come up with a ground breaking business idea, and then how to monetise it through some of the most lucrative marketing strategies (even if you have zero experience in marketing).

A base target for all of our members is an annual six figure income!

For some it sounds tough, but don’t worry we have the blueprint alhamdulillah. 

(BTW we had so much content for this we actually had to make it 2 separate webinars with over 6 hours of content in total!)

Feedback From Our Last Workshop '313 Real Men':


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